Our guest today is a very special one for me. MaryBeth Gustittus is the founder of Mile 1 Performance Coaching. And yes, this is not a training company, it is a business coaching company. MB has spoken to hundreds of people about their motivation, what drives them, what keeps them up at night when owning a business, the little details that matter for motivation of staff. 
The way she came to start her second business was through a very personal experience which she shares during the conversation. MB, as most people know her, really brings positive energy everywhere she goes, whoever she talks, but never ever losses the grip on how to motivate people towards their goals. That last aspect, is what has made her very successful first at her previous RE company in NH, and now as a business coach.
UPDATE: This interview was recorded a couple of years ago. Since then MB has gone through really dramatic times as her home fully burned down a few months after the interview. MB and her family all survived and decided to rebuild their home with full visibility to everyone. Follow her on FB to learn more about her amazing story. 
Mile 1 Performance Coaching: https://www.marybethgustitus.com
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