Our guest today has had quite the life. Jason Friedman, is really a one of kind. He is the CEO of CXFormula, a company that focuses on customer experience. Yes, he is a successful entrepreneur and yes, he follows his passion, but behind the obvious public persona, Jason has had to experience an amazing journey to be where he is today.

He faced success in a way many listeners would find annoying ….too fast. He was very good at what he did, became known within his niche and suddenly was very successful. For everyone not aware of Jason’s background, he was the person responsible for how concerts make you feel, from sound to lighting to the overall experience of people attending concerts. He worked with big bands such as Rush. He was a groupie to a level, but with a knowledge beyond his years in technical aspects about the experience. 
In our conversation we dug in his personal struggles after selling his company. He shared experiences from the dark days after selling and having nothing to do, that pushed him to the edge of thinking about his life's purpose, to how he has found passion teaching other leaders about the amazing power that creating an experience has for their clients/customers.
I encourage all of you to listen to the entire conversation, it is full of turns and very vulnerable moments.
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